Mirroring the Plugin Portal

The Plugin Portal can be mirrored by any software capable of mirroring a maven2-compatible repository, such as Artifactory and Nexus. This is useful for developers who prefer to have a local fast mirror of all external software or who are required to do so for security or auditing purposes.

The URL to mirror is https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/

Instructions for setting up a proxy repository in common repository software:

Once you have set up your mirrored repository, you need to configure your Gradle build to use the URL of the new repository to resolve plugins. See the Gradle User Manual for more details.

Many plugins have dependencies on libraries published to Maven Central. These may not be mirrored correctly when mirroring the Plugin Portal, depending on the setup of the mirroring software. If you see errors describing not being able to resolve certain libraries while resolving plugins from the new repository, it is recommended to also mirror Maven Central and make both mirrored repositories available in your pluginManagement block.