How do I link an existing plugin to my account?

If your plugin is already available via the Plugin Portal, but was published via Bintray and not the process outlined here, then you must “reclaim” your plugin in order to publish new versions.

This must be done once for each plugin.

Once your plugin has been reclaimed, you can publish new versions as per the normal process.

Method 1: Via GitHub association.

If your Plugin Portal account was created by way of your GitHub account (i.e. you sign in to GitHub to log into the Plugin Portal), this can be done via your Plugin Portal profile page.

The “Reclaim” tab of your profile page will list any plugins that you can reclaim.

A plugin is reclaimable via this method if it not already associated with a user account, and its corresponding Bintray package's “Website” attribute points to a project under your GitHub account.

Method 2: Contact us.

If you are unable to use method 1 for any reason, please send a plugin reclaim request via our contact page .

Please include:

  1. The ID of the plugin(s) you wish to reclaim;
  2. Supporting evidence that you are the owner of the plugin.

Examples of supporting evidence are:

  • The plugin source code on GitHub under your account;
  • The Bintray plugin package under your account.

If you are unable to provide evidence of ownership, please let us know and we will work with you to reclaim the plugin.