Erik Eelde

Joined on June 01, 2019

Verify that builds on developer machines (plugin will sidestep checks on CI) are running with expected optimizations enabled. Daemon builds, parallel, xmx etc. Useful for new developers, new machines, if you accidentally delete your .gradle folder etc. A good way to get new optimizations from gradle to be adopted across users of your repository / your organization.


Generates a list of open source licenses you depend on. Depends on the output of licensee from cashapp - Can generate a static list or copy licenses to android assets. As licensee supports KMM the plugin could support more platforms but current only supports android.


Check for existance of OWNERSHIP.toml in subprojects and verify that it contains ownership information. Will soon also check for description and have additional tasks to generate code owner files that are understood by source control systems. Attaches to the check

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