Lucas Persson

Joined on February 21, 2022


Gradle plugin for create/update and delete AWS Cloudformation stacks. The parameters for the Cloudformation template can be managed per environment and kept in for instance Java properties files. Min Gradle version 7.0.


Codeguru plugin is using AWS CodeGuru Review service to statically analys the code. See this blog for an intro: Min Gradle version 7.0.

Convention configuration of Checkstyle, Dependency check, Jacoco, Java, Sonarlint, Spotbugs, Spotless plugins.


Gradle plugin to generate version and license reports for your Java (multi)project. The plugin scans all the dependencies and the transitive dependencies (off the shelf software, OTS-SW) and lists the version and license for each dependency. The plugin can also generate an version up-to-date report for the dependencies. Min Gradle version 7.0.


SonarLint static code analysis using stand-alone SonarLint engine, for Java, Kotlin, Scala and Node.js projects. Min Gradle version 7.0.

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