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Gradle plugin for Level 11 Android libraries

(07 August 2020)

Modification to the standard Maven Publish plugin to be compatible with android-library projects (aar).

(07 November 2019)

Gradle plugin that generates Java Documentation from Android library module.

(05 October 2015)

Plugin to reduce boilerplate in Android libraries build scripts

(17 June 2022)

Gradle Plugin for Android libraries

(17 April 2019)

A custom plugin for `maven-publish` and `android-library` plugin with a basic setup

(23 October 2021)

Provide sources JAR for all Android Library software components.

(20 November 2021)

Provide maven publications for all Android Library release software components.

(20 November 2021)

Provide javadoc JAR for all Android Library software components.

(20 November 2021)


DexPatcher is a toolchain for modifying Android applications at source-level using Java and the full power of Android Studio. The DexPatcher Patch Library plugin produces a DexPatcher patch library that bundles compiled changes to code, manifest and resources of a source application without bundling any part of the application itself. The source application is provided as an Android APK or a DexPatcher APK library. DexPatcher patch libraries are similar in structure to Android libraries (AAR files). The changes bundled in a patch library are applied to its source application using the DexPatcher Patched Application plugin. Several patch libraries can be applied in the same step or their application can be serialized and chained. DexPatcher is free software. (GPLv3+)

(27 June 2020)