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The DexPatcher APK Library plugin processes an Android application (APK) file and produces a DexPatcher APK library file that can be used to create modified versions of the source application. The file is similar in structure to an Android Library (AAR) file. It includes the decoded Android resources of the application and its Dalvik bytecode translated into Java bytecode among other things. DexPatcher is free software. (GPLv3+)

(30 October 2017)

Gradle plugin that generates CSV file with apk size per output and variant of apk

(01 July 2017)


Reveal the location of APK file on every assemble and add tasks to open it on

(09 February 2018)

Name the output apk files

(24 June 2016)

Gradle plugin that deletes unaligned apks

(11 June 2016)


The DexPatcher Patch Library plugin produces a DexPatcher patch library file that bundles compiled changes and additions to code and resources of a source application imported as a DexPatcher APK library, without bundling any part of the source application itself. The file is similar in structure to an Android library (AAR) file. The changes bundled in a patch library can be applied to the source application using the DexPatcher Patched Application plugin. Several patch libraries can be applied in the same step, or their application can be serialized though the cyclic use of the APK Library and Patched Application plugins. DexPatcher is free software. (GPLv3+)

(30 October 2017)


Apk Release Plugin

(02 August 2016)

A simple light weight Gradle plugin for Android project to upload apk of all the build variants to AWS S3. This helps you to maintain all flavour of every version easily in S3. For usage, please visit docs for usage ..

(20 August 2017)

An Android-Gradle plugin to set the build version based on the last APK uploaded on PlayStore

(12 May 2017)


Create APKs for multiple channels quickly, and allows channel-specific resource modification

(15 December 2015)