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This plugin allows for the convenient deployment of Serverless Application Model (SAM) CloudFormation Templates for lambda based serverless applications from within a Gradle project. This plugin is inspired by the official AWS CLI, specifically the package and deploy commands which are described in AWS's Introducing Simplified Serverless Application Deployment and Management blog post ( See for usage and more information

(24 April 2017)


A plugin for working with AWS. Initial functionality is for working with S3.

(15 August 2019)

Helps to develop locally and managing different aws credential sets

(09 August 2019)

AWS Plugin for Gradle

(02 June 2019)

Gradle plugin for deploying AWS Serverless Application Models using CloudFormation

(12 January 2019)

Gradle plugin that provides tasks for updating an AWS Elastic Beanstalk application

(11 December 2018)


Boxfuse is the easiest way to deploy your JVM-based applications to AWS. Boxfuse builds minimal fully-provisioned images in seconds. These images are immutable and tailor-made to do only one thing: run your app as efficiently as possible on the cloud. There is no ssh, no general purpose operating system and no tedious provisioning. Boxfuse images are lean, secure and efficient. You can run them on VirtualBox for development and deploy them unchanged and with zero downtime on AWS for test and production. While Boxfuse works with any .jar or .war file, it is especially optimized for Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Tomcat and TomEE. All you need is a GitHub user to get started. The Boxfuse free plan aligns perfectly with the AWS free tier, so you can deploy your application to EC2 completely free. Find out more and get started at
(23 August 2018)

Gradle plugin that provides tasks for bundling deployment descriptors for AWS EB update

(20 July 2018)

Gradle plugin that provides tasks for AWS Lambda Functions provisioning

(12 June 2018)

Provides validation for AWS cloudformation templates

(26 February 2018)