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Gives your build better default build file names.

(26 September 2019)


Gradle plugin to use git tags as project version names.

(04 October 2021)

A Gradle plugin for checking naming convention compliance

(28 May 2017)

A Gradle plugin that detects the OS name and architecture, providing a uniform classifier to be used in the names of native artifacts.

(09 February 2023)


Naming Convention Checker

(12 July 2019)

Tools and utilities written in Java to help in day-to-day work. CSV To Excel Converts a set of csv files into 1 Excel file. Each csv file is a sheet within excel CSV Diff Diffs two directories containing csv files. Each directory must have the same name and number of files as the other XML Clean Strips out fluff from the XML and manipulating the XML. The use case for this is, before comparison, sometimes XMLs need to be cleaned and renamed. The cleaned xmls can be diffed using xmlunittask. XML DIFF Diffs two directories containing xml files. Each directory must have the same name and number of files as the other READ BLOB Extracts Blobs from Database.SQL should contain a string name and then blob WEBDAV PULL Downloads files from a WEBDAV site, proxy configuration is supported WEBDAV PUSH Pushes files to a WEBDAV site, proxy configuration is supported

(30 August 2014)


Enables the use of non-modular Java dependencies without an "Automatic Module Name" attribute in their manifest.

(22 June 2021)

Name the output apk files

(24 June 2016)


Plugin that executes SonarLint checks without SonarQube server.

(20 September 2023)

A Gradle plugin that forces semantic versioning in an Android project (version name and version code) and relies on git to detect the project state, based on Git-Sensitive Semantic Versioning Plugin by Danilo Pianini.

(06 September 2023)