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Adds built Smithy files to an existing jar task such as that createdby the Java or Kotlin plugins. The smithy-jar plugin also adds build metadataand tags to the JAR's MANIFEST. The smithy-jar plugin applies the smithy-baseplugin when it is applied.

(28 March 2024)

This plugin sets up the basic capabilities necessary for building Smithy models.Applying this plugin will create the basic source sets and configurations needed for smithyprojects. It will also create a smithy build task that will build and validate all the smithy models in the project.

(28 March 2024)

This project integrates Smithy with Gradle. This plugin can build artifacts from Smithy models, generate JARs that contain Smithy models found in Java projects, and generate JARs that contain filtered *projections* of Smithy models.

(17 April 2023)


Gradle plugin used to convert a smithy model into generated sources metadata

(16 April 2023)