Aleksey Mikhailov

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Wrapper for with predefined configuration for IceRock projects analytics

Multiple plugins in one line (deprecated, saved for backward compatibility)

After enable this plugin you can move AndroidManifest.xml from src/main/AndroidManifest.xml to src/androidMain/AndroidManifest.xml

After enable this plugin you can move android's main source set to androidMain, release to androidRelease, test to androidTest etc.

After enable this plugin while using framework configuration you can add dependencies to export just like in iOS framework.

Setup CocoaPods interop. Path to Pods project and configuration can be set globally into

Plugin will setup sync gradle tasks in group cocoapods for cocoapods integration. Example of podspec for integration here -

Plugin to provide network components for iOS & Android

Plugin to provide access to the resources on iOS & Android

Plugin automatically setup android, ios targets. Android target also automatically configured with and plugins.

Plugin to codegen for new Units

Plugin to codegen for new Units


Swift-friendly api generator for Kotlin/Native frameworks

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