Moderne, Inc.

Joined on May 20, 2020


Build LSTs for Moderne


Connect your build to Moderne and eliminate tech debt


Connect your build to Moderne and eliminate tech debt

Text blocks compiled to Java 8 bytecode

A module that is built with Java but does not publish artifacts

Contacts and SCM data

Configures publishing to Maven repositories

Produces a `/META-INF/rewrite/recipe-authors.yml` file containing recipe author attribution

Produces a `/META-INF/rewrite/recipe-example.yml` file containing recipe examples

Builds recipe libraries with the minimum of opinions or conventions about any other aspect of the build. Does not configure artifact repositories or publishing. Use if you want to build a recipe library as OSS.

Configures the repositories that OpenRewrite modules in open source draw dependencies from, such as Maven Central and Nexus Snapshots.

Configures the root project

Configures the Gradle Shadow plugin to replace the normal jar task output with the shaded jar without a classifier


Automatically eliminate technical debt


Automatically fix checkstyle issues.


Publish metrics about refactoring operations happening across your organization.

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