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Owner: Gradle

Develocity gives you the data to speed up your build, improve build reliability and accelerate build debugging.


Version 3.3.2

Created 27 May 2020.

New in this version:

- Stale build scan files are cleaned up
- Dock icon is not shown on macOS when provisioning an access key
- Problems launching the background upload process are logged to the upload failure log file
- The Gradle Enterprise Gradle Plugin jar is now digitally signed. Check the documentation's appendix section on how to verify the signature

Compatible with and Gradle Enterprise 2020.2 or later.

Using the plugins DSL in your settings file:

// settings.gradle.kts
plugins {
  id("com.gradle.enterprise") version "3.3.2"

Using the plugins DSL in your settings file:

// settings.gradle
plugins {
  id "com.gradle.enterprise" version "3.3.2"