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Owner: Gradle

Gradle Enterprise gives you the data to speed up your build, improve build reliability and accelerate build debugging.


Version 3.5.2

Created 04 February 2021.

New in this version:

- Ignore build cache operations related to artifact transforms (This restriction will be lifted when artifact transforms are supported in build scans)
- Properly capture scripts or plugins applied to multiple Gradle types or multiple included builds
- Properly capture custom links, tags and values concurrently
- Fix deduplication of deprecated usages

Compatible with and Gradle Enterprise 2020.4 or later.

Using the plugins DSL in your settings file:

// settings.gradle.kts
plugins {
  id("com.gradle.enterprise") version "3.5.2"

Using the plugins DSL in your settings file:

// settings.gradle
plugins {
  id "com.gradle.enterprise" version "3.5.2"