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Android Snapshot Publisher is a Gradle plugin to prepare and distribute Android Snapshot versions to multiple distribution sources in a common way.

(15 October 2019)

Plugin that configure android plugin

(11 October 2019)

Gradle Android Scala Plugin

(25 September 2019)

Slash Gradle Plugin To Manage Slash Applications (Android)

(23 August 2019)

A plugin to help developing gradle plugin based on android Gradle Plugin.

(14 August 2019)

Adds a software component for each android variant to project.components
(09 August 2019)

Run PMD on your android source-sets
(09 August 2019)

Android Maven Publish All Variants Plugin
(09 August 2019)

Android Maven Publish Plugin
(09 August 2019)

Generate sources and javadoc jars for all variants of your android project
(09 August 2019)