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Sphinx site generation plugin for Gradle

(22 August 2019)


static site generator based on gradle, thymeleaf and asciidoctor

(17 June 2019)

Generates documentation in HTML for given project

(28 November 2018)

Gradle plugin generating a web page containing project information.

(05 May 2017)

Gradle plugin to help create and manage a project documentation site.

(22 March 2017)

DSL for building static html pages with composable modules

(01 May 2016)

Adds the ability to run JBake directly from a Gradle build

(29 January 2019)

Tools and utilities written in Java to help in day-to-day work. CSV To Excel Converts a set of csv files into 1 Excel file. Each csv file is a sheet within excel CSV Diff Diffs two directories containing csv files. Each directory must have the same name and number of files as the other XML Clean Strips out fluff from the XML and manipulating the XML. The use case for this is, before comparison, sometimes XMLs need to be cleaned and renamed. The cleaned xmls can be diffed using xmlunittask. XML DIFF Diffs two directories containing xml files. Each directory must have the same name and number of files as the other READ BLOB Extracts Blobs from Database.SQL should contain a string name and then blob WEBDAV PULL Downloads files from a WEBDAV site, proxy configuration is supported WEBDAV PUSH Pushes files to a WEBDAV site, proxy configuration is supported

(30 August 2014)


Runs Lighthouse tests on multiple sites / web pages with checking thresholds (useful on continuous integration, constant performance checking).

(02 October 2019)


Build OSGi bundles and p2 repositories / Eclipse Update Sites from existing libraries and their dependencies, e.g. from Maven repositories. Useful for instance for creating a target platform for Eclipse/Equinox or Maven Tycho build from third party dependencies.

(31 October 2018)