Rob Murdock

Joined on August 14, 2023


This plugin will load Javascript dependencies from a package.json file and apply them to a Kotlin JS gradle project.


This plugin will generate boilerplace related to working with React in Kotlin for function components and their props.


This plugin provides tasks for using the npm-check-updates npm program, for updating package.json dependencies when using Kotlin JS.


This plugin adds support for using wdio.js with Kotlin JS, with some configuration conveniences.


This plugin will generate boilerplate for external types.


This plugin will generate boilerplate for using 'actions' easily.

This plugin will enabling stage logging for testmints tests.

This plugin assists in the installation of certificates into JDKs with Java Keytool.

This plugin finds and extracts information from git commits, including co-author data.

This plugin automates generation of version numbers based on commit messages and git tags.

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