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With Huanshankeji team's group, aka "com.huanshankeji"

(15 March 2024)


A plugin for workspace projects. A workspace project groups a number of related projects, each stored in a separate Git repository. This plugin automates cloning of projects included in a workspace for developers who start working with it. The DSL of the plugin allows to specify the list of projects in the workspace and to which subdirectories they are to be cloned.

(16 March 2023)


A plugin for the Gradle build system that allows specifying test sets (like integration or acceptance tests). Each test set is a logical grouping of a source set, dependency configurations, and related tasks and artifacts.

(09 September 2023)


Adds Maven Repositories for GitLab groups and/or projects

(31 October 2022)

Plugin will setup sync gradle tasks in group cocoapods for cocoapods integration. Example of podspec for integration here -

(16 September 2022)


Build cache for a group of tasks

(28 April 2020)


Elements is a framework for Java applications that allows configuration of Atoms (java classes, or groups of classes) using Groovy. See more at This plugin adds gradle tasks to run various provisions as well as launch scripts to applications built using the application plugin. It also facilitates copying groovy files from the conf directory into various locations, simplifying a lot of the common elements build tasks into an easy to read DSL.

(04 September 2019)

Plugin is based on work - Classgraph. You can open the generated .dot file in a vector editor. You can convert then the model into The Standard for exchange of architecture models from The Open Group

(05 March 2019)


Jawa language compiler for Gradle. Built with Gradle 2.13. Projects applying this plugin require a compile-time dependency on the jawa-compiler library. Please include this in the depencencies closure: dependencies { compile group: 'com.github.arguslab', name: 'jawa-compiler_2.11', version: '1.0.2' }

(24 October 2016)