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Flyway is an open-source database migration tool. It strongly favors simplicity and convention over configuration. It is simple, focused and powerful. It runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, Java and Android. It is based around just 6 basic commands: Migrate, Clean, Info, Validate, Baseline and Repair. Migrations can be written in SQL (database-specific syntax (such as PL/SQL, T-SQL, ...) is supported) or Java (for advanced data transformations or dealing with LOBs). It has a Command-line client. If you are on the JVM, we recommend using the Java API (also works on Android) for migrating the database on application startup. Alternatively, you can also use the Maven plugin, Gradle plugin, SBT plugin or the Ant tasks. And if that not enough, there are plugins available for Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Grails, Play, Griffon, Grunt, Ninja and more! Supported databases are Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Azure, DB2, DB2 z/OS, MySQL (including Amazon RDS), MariaDB, Google Cloud SQL, PostgreSQL (including Amazon RDS and Heroku), Redshift, Vertica, H2, Hsql Derby, SQLite and solidDB. More info:

(12 May 2020)


Validates dependency artifacts for expected checksums

(04 April 2020)


genrates java classes to represent valid xhtml documents

(02 March 2020)

The CycloneDX Gradle plugin creates an aggregate of all direct and transitive dependencies of a project and creates a valid CycloneDX bill-of-materials document from the results. CycloneDX is a lightweight BOM specification that is easily created, human readable, and simple to parse.

(18 February 2020)

Gradle architectural report plugin

(13 December 2019)


A golden-file verification of jar task outputs.

(10 May 2019)


This project brings rational and humane coding style (formatting) aid and enforcement tools, starting with Java and, with welcome help of others, other languages.

(18 March 2019)

Analyse Open Source dependencies in projects development. Aplication to analyse security and license aspects in Open Source project's dependencies, applicable to Java platform.

(19 July 2018)


Generates Java, Kotlin and Swift 4 model, validation and marshalling code from XML Schema (.xsd) files

(24 January 2018)


A plugin to generate clientside git commit checking

(05 May 2017)